Discovery Never Stops

The UMN Headlines video series highlights recent accomplishments by our University of Minnesota community. From groundbreaking research to student successes and scientific breakthroughs, discovery never stops at the U of M. Neither does our commitment to the citizens and State of Minnesota.

October 2021

Featuring: Paralympics successes, invasive species grants, renewable energy advancements, metal making process improvements, solving rural challenges, COVID-19 advancements, the Class of 2025, and more.

September 2021

Featuring: Olympic medal winners, Minnesota Farm Families of the Year, Twin Cities Pride, wetland restoration research, solar vehicle success, sustainable education, equity and inclusion, public health, and more.

July 2021

Featuring: Out-of-this-world student achievements, earth science discoveries, COVID-19 advancements, climate change work, the MPACT 2025 Systemwide Strategic Plan implementation, and more.

June 2021

Featuring: Scholarship awards, grant funding, invasive species testing, social and racial justice work, cancer treatment breakthroughs, elections to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences, and more.

May 2021

Featuring: 12,000+ graduates, American manufacturing, groundwater conservation, health equity, dementia care, agricultural advancements, and more.

March 2021

Featuring: Cancer therapies, food security, cardiac arrest care, Google partnership, aquaculture, affordable housing, Gopher alums in Super Bowl, and more.