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In Your Community

The University of Minnesota System reaches every corner of the state, quite literally. From Research and Outreach Centers and U of M Extension offices to community health clinics and testing sites for aquatic invasive species, our students, staff, and alumni are living in and contributing to communities in every county. Learn more with this interactive map.

How to use the map

  • google maps menu tray open/close icon
    Click on this symbol in the upper left corner to see the key for the map points.
  • google maps open map in new tab icon
     Click on this symbol in the upper right corner to make the map larger.
  • Click on any of the icons on the map to see the University's impact in that location.

When viewing the larger map

  • To search for a specific location on the map, click on the search icon in the upper left side of the page.
  • To hide or turn on different layers on the page, click on the red check mark next to the layer name.

Submit your University impact

University of Minnesota staff and faculty are invited to submit their research, project, or program for the map.


Children running barefoot through a grassy field at sunset
A student standing in a small field of crops, inspecting the plants
A beekeeper holding a hive frame still covered in honeybees and teaching young children

Youth Programs

Across the entire state of Minnesota, the University provides a variety of programs geared to educate and engage youth.

Learn About Youth Programs